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Keith Waryas EMC World 2015 is in the books. Fallout Boy and One Republic put on an amazing show, and the after parties were pretty wild. But, the biggest force around Emerging Technology, and possibly the whole show, was open source. The reason was EMC’s announcement of Project CoprHD (pronounced “Copperhead”), an open source version of ViPR controller that is expected to be available through GitHub next month. CoprHD is a huge milestone in that it’s EMC’s first open source release. But, according to C.J. Desani, President of EMC’s Emerging Technology Division, it will be far from the last.  Open source is now a big part of EMC’s strategy and future, and we supported that vision by providing a very early preview of Project Caspian; appliance running OpenStack on commodity hardware (think OpenStack in a box), which EMC expects to contain significant open source comp... (more)

Investing In Customer Delight: Driving Disruption Out Of Your Data Migration

A 110 years ago, people made toast by holding bread over fire and repeatedly flipping it. It was inconvenient, labor-intensive, somewhat dangerous, and most importantly, it produced burnt toast. Then Mr. Edison came along. Electricity was applied and 80 years of innovation later, we achieved nirvana. We had reached the point where you could simply drop slices of bread into a device, press a button, and 60 seconds later, voila! Toast! Same outcome, vastly improved experience. I was reminded of this parable when Dell EMC announced the latest release of HYPERMAX and the availabilit... (more)

Dual Perspectives on ITaaS: Roadblocks Still Exist

Keith Waryas “A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” –Steve Martin “Business and IT leaders agree that IT services need to match with business requirements.” — Dual Perspectives ITaaS survey *Mouse over the mini-infographic for an up close look of how the stats tell the story.* Both statements convey the obvious. But let’s dissect the second statement for a moment, because where it really gets interesting is not how business and IT leaders agree.  It’s how they disagree. As an example, take a look at how they view the roadblocks that stand in the way of an IT-as-a-Ser... (more)

Coffee, Cloud and the Software Defined Enterprise

Keith Waryas My family and I recently took a week-long vacation in Cape Cod, MA. On the way, we made a quick stop at a local café/coffee shop.  To protect the innocent, let’s just call the establishment “Java Joe’s.” The coffee shop is small hometown-type of place featuring fantastic pastries and bagels, and really good coffee (they use frozen coffee ice cubes in their iced coffee). But, despite my affinity for Java Joe’s, it represents a fantastic analogy to the mounting challenge (and dare I say crisis) facing legacy IT. But first, let’s go rapid fire through the agonizing mou... (more)

The Convergence of Cloud and Big Data…We’re on the Cusp of Something Big

Keith Waryas People have a need to classify and organize things into neat categories. This is especially true in technology. We talk about cloud, big data, networking, mobility, etc., and via our technical expertise/specialty/focus we create – to borrow Seth Godin’s idea- tribes around these categories. Tribes are important. They help us focus. They give leverage to ideas and they help us innovate. But, the innovations that we make within our tribe are typically evolutionary. We make things faster, better, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, and usually, more valuable. But, they... (more)